GORD Systems organized a one-day seminar for business analysis, planning and management on 25.04.2012 in the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce


On 25.04.2012 Gord Systems organized a one-day seminar "Business analysis, planning and management - New tools and methods for successful company management" in the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce. The aim of the seminar was to present new tools and methods for business analysis, strategic planning, budgeting and reporting for the analysts, planners and managers.


Different subjects were covered, however mainly, the companies were presented with the latest trends for integrating Business Intelligence tools (OLAP) in the daily business activities. More precisely, how Business Intelligence tools integrated with a high-quality ERP software can improve the management process, enabling quick and accurate data anlysis, thus providing the company with a platform for precise resource planning and future trend prediction.


In accordance with the seminar agenda, firstly there was a discussion about the companies' problems and needs concerning analyzing data in order to plan future actions and make decisioins for the company strategies. The methodology and aim of Business Intelligence (BI) tools was presented as well, as a basis for business analysis and planning.

Afterwards, the types and importance of Business Intelligence tools was discussed, and the importance of the IT partner supporting the implementation of BI tools in the company. Two manners of implementation were presented - implementation of stand-alone BI tools (as IBM SPSS products and services) and implementation of an enterprise resource plannig system with integrated BI tools (Pantheon and ZEUS with integrated OLAP).

The manner of functioning and application of the ZEUS module and OLAP integrated with Pantheon were presented, as well as all of the options for planning, analysis and reporting these tools provide. Furthermore, there was a demonstration of quick and simple ways of performing analysis of key data and creating reports according to the needs of analysts, planners and top-level management. 

The last part of the seminar was focused on good case practises in Macedonia and the Adriatic region. Experiences and benefits of different companies were presented after theis implementation of integrated systems with BI tools.

In the end of the event, opinions and attitudes were discussed about the real needs for implementing Business Intelligence tools, the support IT companies provide during the implementation of these systems and the problems companies face on a daily basis.

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