eCommerce solutions


Increased global competition and chaining customers requirements are one of the main issues the companies are facing with. In order to make the distributors life easier, GORD Systems has developed eCommerce solution consisting of product catalogue, shopping cart and ERP integration module.
Product catalogue module offers great value, ease of use, flexibility and wide range of features to deliver powerful eCommerce store. This module enables suitable product/products groups presentation (various templates), product feature description, product categorization, easy browsing and searching through the database, price and discounts, actual store inventory and many other additional features.
The chopping cart module allows people to purchase products online, keep track of their account and tie together all of the aspects of your eCommerce site into one package.

The eCommerce solution is build on myWebPortal - development platform for eBusiness solutions. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated with ERP solution (Material management, Financials, CRM, etc.), giving possibility for real-time information for the actual product inventory, delivery time, automatic documentation creation, etc.
Bundled with the Web portal design modules, customers have opportunity to maintain their web portal/eshop according
their current and future needs.

Benefits of implementing the eCommerce solution are obvious: it enables the businesses to increase the market size, expand distribution channels, 24/7 store working hours, inexpensive communication, faster transaction, etc.