Increase profitability by mining your data

Suppose you have no way of identifying which of your customers are most at risk of churning early, or which ones will happily stay on track with you for years to come? Knowing what your customers are going to do could mean the difference between profitability or losses – which means relying on more than guesswork.
What if you could use your historical information to segment your database and reveal the customers who are potential to accept a product or service offering and those who will do nothing? You would then be able to focus your promotions on the customers who will respond to an offer.

One telecommunications company used SPSS data mining technology to increase cross-sales at its call center. First the company developed models using customer behavior and preference data. Call center employees then used recommendations generated by SPSS models to cross-sell products and services when talking to them on the phone.
To obtain the greatest value from its marketing budget, BT (British Telecommunications) needed to identify customers' propensity to purchase and calculate their likely comparative value once they became customers. After creating accurate customer profiles, BT intended to develop new products targeted to specific customer groups. The result was to increase the direct mail campaign response rate by 100%.

SPSS provides software based on 35 years of experience, award winning technology and a proven methodology, helping organisations turn data into business intelligence. SPSS software empowers the business specialists, by packaging predictive analytics in an easy-to-use system allowing you to combine and use your historical data and first-hand business knowledge to make better decisions. SPSS will enable you to profile and segment your customers in order to improve response rates, keep your customers loyal, cross-sell new services, forecast profitability and losses, and optimize profit margins.

If you want to use your customer data to predict what your customers will do and improve your marketing strategy – you need predictive analysis capabilities from SPSS. SPSS BI Greece S.A. representing SPSS Inc. in the Balkans and our local partner Gord Systems invite you to an open event to show you how we’ve helped other Telecoms (VODAFONE Greece, TIM, COSMOTE, CYTA) to improve their business. The event will take place on the 4th of October at Holiday Inn hotel at 14:00.