Gord System Solutions as part of the commission of a student tournament (9 June, 2014 )

The Ministry of information society and administration together with the “Intel” corporation have organized a tournament for the students from the faculties for information and communication sciences. The objective of the tournament was to motivate the talented students to continue the road that will lead them deeper in the area of informatics.

Their task for was to create a HTML application.  All the innovative applications created from the talented students were  sent to our company in order our expert team to evaluate them according to different criteria that are important for creation of functional HTML applications.

Our expert in the ICT field – Valentina Dojcinovska was part of the event when the awards were given.

-          First awarded is the application: “Пинг Понг” – created from Kostoski Mile.

-          Second awarded is the application: “Такси” – created from Bojan Vojnovski, Igor Zavojcevski, Filip Mitrevski, Darko Pajkovski and Vesna Ristevska.

-          Third awarded is the application: “Планер за цели”- created from Toni Nakovski, Boban Avramoski, Katerina Trifunoska, Zarko Mitreski and Mirjana Argir.


The Minister Ivanovski announced that: Seriously efforts are invested for development of young programmers that will be actively involved in the area of the area of “ICT technologies”. With their work it is expected great contribution to the overall development of the Macedonian social life. In order to be stimulated success he announced that support and assistance from the Macedonian government is provided and will be provided in the future.


Gord System solutions is here to support all the talented students and to encourage them to apply to our company and became part of our successful projects. For more information for all the available career offers you can read on the following link.