EPR - Manufacturing solution for Printing industry

Based on the result of its comprehensive business process analysis and research conducted in the printing industry, GORD Systems announced new integrated solution for this industry sector.

Production management, Quality control and Calculations are the three industry specific modules which are fully integrated with standard modules (such as Supply Chain, Sales, Finance, Material management, MIS, HR, Fixed Asset management and etc.).
The production management module enables better optimization and waste reduction, control of the orders, production and delivery processes, as well as analyses of the overall production.

Quality control is done during whole production process, starting from raw materials supply till finished product. The workflow module enables definition of rules and check points which controls the quality of materials, semifinal and final products.

Calculations module automatically generate the price of the final products, enabling provision of precise and on-time proposals to the clients.

The solution automates the processes in the sales, prepress and production departments, leaving more time for analyses,  creative work and business development planning. Through implementation of innovative approach, this solution helps the production companies to create their competitive advantage.